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Kids Summer Camps In Nashville, Tennessee

Tara S. asks:

“Do you have information on summer camps in the area? If not, I would be very interested in that information, along with recommendations from folks whose children went to those camps.”


My reply to Tara:

I’m not up on all of the summer camp options around here.

I do recall an excellent review of summer camps in a previous issue of Williamson Parent or Nashville Parent magazine (the ones you see at grocery stores around here… they’re free).

It’s been a couple of years since I read that article, but it was really thorough and is probably archived somewhere. Besides, I think they do something similar every year — run a list of upcoming summer camps & programs.


Summer Camp Resources

These are the best resources I could find with regard to summer camps in the area:


And this list of the best summer camps in the area ran in the Nashville Scene:

1. YMCA Camp Widjiwagan
2. Whippoorwill Farm Day Camp
3. Superstars at Hillboro Presbyterian Church

I hope that helps.

Maybe some Williamson County parents can add their opinions summer camps & programs they’re familiar with in the Comments below.

Important: Before you send your child to camp, be sure to read this CBS Early Show report which shows the importance of finding a licensed and accredited camp. (Don’t miss the video!)