Pat Green: Country Music’s Party Animal

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I just read an article about Pat Green, in which he talked about his very spontaneous lifestyle, his party attitude, and his ability to keep it all in check for his family and his future.

I applaud Pat Green for his honesty — in this article, and in his songwriting.

That’s why I’M a Pat Green fan.


From the article:

“Let’s just say that I outdrank the crowd most of the time!”


When we went to see him at The Trap in Nashville (February 24, 2004), I’d say that’s definitely the Pat Green we saw!

Hey, I could use one of those... Good catch! Now THAT's more like it!

Here’s the Country Weekly article — where Pat Green spills his soul.

Here are more Pat Green photos that we took on this night at The Trap — where Pat Green was still trying to be “the life of the party”…