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Dan Finnerty And The Dan Band

Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band CD.When it comes to TV, I’m a channel surfer.

The other night it was late when I happened upon “Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band” on the BRAVO channel.

I’d never heard of him, or his band, but his backup singers (a couple of Max Headroom type personalities) really caught my attention. They were so dead-pan with their expressions, at the same time highly expressive with their movements. Very captivating. And incredibly hilarious.

These 2 were meant to be funny, as they make up “the Dan Band” part of “Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band“.


Dan himself is a combination stand-up commedian / singer / dramatic actor / stunt man. And he’s VERY good at each one of those things!

His show on the Bravo channel was highly entertaining — all 1-1/2 hours of it that we watched late that night. Jim liked it just as much as I did.

At first, I figured Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band was a lounge act in Las Vegas or something. But the truth is, they tour more like a concert band all over the country. So no matter the price, if you’re in a town where they’re performing, you must go see them!


Who These Guys REALLY Are

Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band website.

After checking out their very cool website… I learned that Dan was originally in STOMP (…as well as a number of other creative ventures).

Who knew that Dan Finnerty and the Dan Band have even been on some top TV shows (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”, The Late Late Show”, and “Last Call with Carson Daly”), and even performed in some hit films (“Starsky & Hutch”, “Old School”)?

To see their parts in the two movies, check out the online Videos (click on “Extras”). And don’t miss the Audio clips from some of their past “live” shows!

They’ve even got a CD filled with some of their best stuff!


What Others Are Saying

See for yourself…

Check out the Reviews section of their website, and you’ll find things like this:

  • “it’s kind of like Smashmouth meets the Carpenters.”
    –L.A. Weekly
  • “a hilarious, twisted spin down the memory lane of AM radio – spike with plenty of dirty jokes and naughty language.”
    –Paper Magazine
  • “A totally cool phenomenon… an incredible musical act… (Finnerty’s) a brilliant showman.”
    –Los Angeles Magazine
  • “The most oddly moving rendition of TLC’s No Scrubs ever sung by a white man.”
  • “One of the hottest tickets in Hollywood.”
    –Entertainment Weekly
  • “Dan Finnerty is a one-man Lileth Fair.”
    –Las Vegas Weekly
  • “one of the hottest, weirdest club acts in L.A.”
    –People Magazine
  • “Los Angeles’ hottest nightclub act.”
    –US Magazine


What I Learned Today…

Dan is asking his fans to contact BRAVO asking them to re-air his show. I did my part by sending a quick e-mail to the folks at BRAVO. (He gives you the link on his website.) If you’re up for some “outside the box” humor, nostalgic 80’s music, and an all-around FUN time on TV, then I encourage you to drop a quick e-mail to the folks at BRAVO too.