Download Shaun Groves’ New Song ‘Miss Texas’ For FREE

by Lynnette

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shaun-groves-nashvilleWant to hear a great song?… and download it for FREE?

Friday, February 2, 2007 is the day! is offering Shaun Groves‘ song “Miss Texas” for free download on February 2 only.

Shaun Groves is a singer/songwriter that Jim and I like a lot. We even went to one of his CD release parties, and it was great!

See photos & highlights here.

Check out what this song is about, and why Shaun wrote it in the first place…

In Shaun’s own words:


Miss Texas was written shortly after I moved from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997 to pursue a career in the music business. Once in Nashville, I missed good fajitas, wide open spaces, and just about everything else about the home I left behind. But more than that, I missed the comfortable life I left for this new unstable and unpredictable one in a foreign land flowing with sweet tea and NASCAR. “Miss Texas” is a song for anyone who is willing to follow God wherever He leads them but is also honest about how difficult that can be at times. Obedience is not without sacrifice… and homesickness.


Download Shaun’s song “Miss Texas” here. (UPDATE: That offer is expired. Here’s more Shaun Groves FREE music downloads.)


And if you liked that, you’ll probably enjoy the entire CD which features the song “Miss Texas”. It’s called “One Night In Knoxville” — a ‘live’ disc promoting Compassion International that’s sold exclusively at Shaun Groves online.