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Brooks & Dunn: Tennessee Titans & Chicago Cubs Fans?

Are Brooks & Dunn both Titans and Cubs fans? I was driving to work the other morning, caught up in rush hour stop-n-go traffic when I found myself behind this bus.

Now tell me what you see here…

Call me crazy, but I’m thinkin’ this is a Brooks & Dunn logo inside of a Tennessee Titans license plate frame next to a “regular” license plate inside of a Chicago Cubs license plate frame.

Nashville rush hour alongside Brooks & Dunn. Right?

That says to me: This is a Brooks & Dunn Tour Bus!

If so, is this a coincidence, or what, because just last month Jim found himself behind all 6 of Brooks Dunn’s motorcoaches headed to their concert in Cleveland.

I also found that Kix Brooks is a Chicago Cubs fan too!

Is this a Brooks and Dunn tour bus? So… what are the odds that out of ALL the drivers on the ALL the roads of America today… Jim crosses paths with the Brooks & Dunn folks in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. And less than a month later, Jim’s wife finds herself right behind the guys from Brooks & Dunn on I-65 in Nashville?

Just thought I’d share.

(Glad I had my camera… again!)