We Work For The New York Times Now!

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Jim photographing Fort Pickens for an article we were doing when we ran the Pensacola.about.com website. Today, we do the 4wheeldrive.about.com website. As most of you know, we do a website for About.com called 4wheeldrive.about.com. It’s a 4-wheeling site for people who own four-wheel drive vehicles or ATVs and enjoy driving them off-road.

(…Yes, we own a four-wheel drive vehicle, and yes, we enjoy taking it off-road.)

Before being a guide for the 4wheeldrive site, we did the Pensacola site for About.com.

Well, the big news in our world is the fact that we’ve just been bought by the New York Times! Whooo hooo!

Scott Kurnit, the founder of About.com, when he met with guides in Atlanta. We’ve been with About.com practically from the beginning when they were an independent dot.com. One of our favorite experiences was when we met with Scott Kurnit and Bill Day (the founders of About.com) in Atlanta. They, and the dedicated group of entrepreneurs who created About.com, shared with us their hopes and dreams for the company. We were (and ARE!) so proud to be a part of it.

About.com was one of the first companies to pay people to write content and maintain a website about a specific topic on the Internet. Their model was ingenious… and still is! About.com has devised what is currently regarded as one of the best sources of content on the Internet today.

Fellow about.com guides having lunch together in Atlanta Georgia when we met for a guide conference with Scott Kurnit and Bill Day.In all, there are about 500 different topic sites with “guides” (like us) who each write about a different niche subject — from pregnancy, to scrapbooking, to auto repair, and offroading. The company’s philosophy reflects the fact that “content is king” and “people are the best guides to the Internet”.

You may Google many of your searches, or use Yahoo for finding your way around the Net, but the odds are… you probably end up at an About.com site more times than you realize. According to Nielsen NetRatings, “About.com is a top 15 Web property used by one out of every five people on the Internet.”

So… Cheers to all the other About.com guides out there!

And, cheers to you, New York Times! Read more about the New York Times takeover of About.com here.

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