Fainting Goats At The Lewisburg Fainting Goat Festival

A big fainting goat in the 'petting zoo' at the 2003 Lewisburg Goat Festival. We went to the Fainting Goat Festival in Lewisburg, Tennessee a couple years ago. Surprisingly, we didn’t see many goats actually fainting there though.

The reason?…

Do not stress out the goats... they'll faint! It was set up more like a petting zoo, and there were signs posted everywhere like: “Shhh…do not startle the goats!”

With the 3nd Annual Fainting Goat Festival approaching (October 7th & 8th), I took some time to learn more about the unique qualities of Fainting Goats.

A cute fainting goat. Some are small & cute…

Some are big & ugly (in a good way)…

A big black goat up close. A black fainting goat. A fainting goat at the festival.

…But they ALL faint!
— > Video of Fainting Goats in Action

Information About Fainting Goats
Thanks to the International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA), you too, can find out more about these interesting animals:

  • What is Myotonia? …more about this condition that causes Fainting Goats to stiffen and/or fall over when startled.

  • Why Do They Faint? …rest assured, it is not painful or traumatic for the goat.

    Fainting goats in the 'petting zoo' at the International Fainting Goat Festival. Lewisburg, Tennessee is home to the International Fainting Goat Festival each October.

    These Goats Have Their Own Festival!

  • Lewisburg Goat Festival …held each October in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

  • About The Fainting Goat Festival …a behind-the-scenes look at the festival.

    We saw a lot of this at the Lewisburg Goat Festival... fainting goats on leashes being walked by their owners.

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