Darius Rucker Nashville Tennessee Photos – Grand Ole Opry

We saw Darius Rucker for the first time in concert last night. He was having a free show at the Grand Ole Opry — it was part of some promotion with the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The Darius Rucker concert footage from this particular night airs this Thursday, August 27th on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here are photos.

Why We Are Proud To Live In Music City USA

It seems quite appropriate that we eventually ended up living in Music City, USA since we have a unique appreciation for songwriters, the music industry, and songs that aren’t necessarily mainstream. We feel so fortunate to live in Nashville, Tennessee because it’s such a musically-rich town. Here’s everything we love about Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.

Our Photos Of Nashville Songwriters & Singers

Here’s a growing collection of photographs of singers and songwriters that we’ve crossed paths with in some musical setting — like at the Bluebird Cafe, or the Grand Ole Opry, or even at a Rock Concert! Some are up-and-comers….

Trisha Yearwood Photos

Trisha Yearwood got an award from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Here are some photos of her singing and accepting her award….

Vince Gill Photos

Vince Gill is the “guy next door” around Nashville… He’s frequently spotted at hockey games, his daughter’s singing engagements, at the Grand Ole Opry, and more. Here’s a small collection of Vince Gill photographs taken in and around Nashville…