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Ashley Cleveland

Living in Franklin, Tennessee, we see a good deal of celebrities whenever we're out and about. Here are some of the best places where you are most likely to spot a celebrity in and around Nashville. (We've excluded all of the music venues and locations where Nashville celebrities are on hand for a specific function.)

Days after her new hymns album called Men and Angels Say went on sale, we ordered a copy through her website. Awesome -- as predicted. As good, or better than I'd hoped.

I long for the day that it becomes commonplace to see and hear the name of the songwriter -- in addition to the singer -- on all music radio and video channels!

Jim and I first learned about Ashley Cleveland and her music when she filled in for one of our song-leaders at church one Sunday. She sings a lot of 'traditional hymns' but she really rocks them out!

Here are some up-close-and-personal photographs of Ashley Cleveland, one of my favorite singers and songwriters who happens to live in Nashville....