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Big Boys Toys!

While I was at the Caribbean this weekend, Jim was in San Antonio having the time of his life back on the racetrack.

Terry McMillen's IHRA Funny Car... 'The Instigator'.

This was his first race as the PR & marketing guy for Terry McMillen’s drag racing team.

The MSD ignition used in Terry's IHRA Funny Car. In a 'normal' car, this would be the equivalent to the distributer and rotor.

Jim even took it a step further this weekend, by becoming an official member of the Crew Team for Terry’s “Instigator” Funny Car.

Jim was responsible for “leftside motor” which involved most of the top end motor stuff.

All I know is he called me every night excited as a kid in a candy shop! He couldn’t stop talking about everything he did — basically helping with the complete take-down and build-up of a dragster in record timing.

AND, he came back with 3 memory cards full of photos… some 480 pictures from a 2-day drag racing event! Everything from people and cars to engines and tires. He’s quite the PHOTO MAN. In fact, someone commented that that should be the nickname for the back of his shirt… “PHOTO MAN”.

Heh, he’s got a lot of nicknames, guess we’ll just see which one sticks & gets plastered on his back.

And the best news: Terry took 2nd place in the finals!

Plus, they won “best appearing crew” (Jim says, in layman’s terms that means: “best dressed crew”).

Here’s why…