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Phil Vassar Photos

Phil Vassar singing and playing keyboards at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Phil Vassar happened to be playing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville one night, and we happened to be there — in the front row taking pictures of him playing the keyboard and singing all his hit songs.

Here are some Phil Vassar photographs from that night.


Phil Vassar At The Bluebird
Phil Vassar at the Bluebird in Nashville
Phil Vassar was a “surprise guest” who showed up on the stage with Vince Gill. At the Bluebird, surprise guests are a common occurrence. But, when Vince Gill is on the bill, it’s almost a given that he’ll bring some big names with him. On other nights too… The audience is always filled with songwriters (known and unknown), and even record company producers.



Phil Vassar Is A Keyboard Cassanova
Phil Vassar playing keyboards at the Bluebird Cafe.
Phil’s an extremely talented keyboardist whose passion comes alive when his fingers are walking those keys! This popular singer-songwriter is famous for such songs as “American Child”, “Just Another Day In Paradise”, and “My Next Thirty Years”. In fact, he’s written just as many big hits for other famous singers as he has for himself! And, he just so happens to go to our church too!



Phil Vassar Likes Starbucks
Phil Vassar drinking Starbucks coffee.
Everyone was drinking their favorite adult beverage at the Bluebird Cafe on this night. I guess Phil Vassar’s is Starbucks! Which reminds me, have you heard the one about the Fancy Coffee Shop Pourer?



Let Your Fingers Do The Walkin’
Phil Vassar jaming on his keyboards at the Bluebird in Nashville.
Phil Vassar jamming out on the keyboard at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.