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My Family Tree

Straight from the pages of my scrapbook, here is my family tree… in photographs:

My Dad's side of the family. CLICK to view larger image.My Mom's side of the family. CLICK to view larger image.

The scrapbook pages were a tad too big to scan, so some of page is cut off around the edges. But, you get the idea!

Who’s Who?

Left Page…
Top row:
1) All my cousins on Dad’s side of the family sitting on the couch. Also pictured are Dad’s sister, Doris and his mom, Bertha.

2) Me, Mom and Dad on the sofa.

3) My Grandpa and me.

Bottom row:
1) Dad’s mom and dad, Bertha and Stanley.

2) My Mom, Dad, and me opening presents on Christmas morning at Grandma & Grandpa’s house in South Bend.

3) Grandma and Grandpa playing one of my then-favorite games.

Right Page…
Top row:
1) Mom’s mom, Alice, (holding me) and Mom’s grandma, Stella, along with my mom’s sister, Emily.

2) Mom’s sisters, Margie on the left and Carolyn on the right, with Mom’s mom in the middle. Also, my cousin Debbie and me.

3) My Aunt, Emily, and me.

Middle row:
1) Mom’s brother, Charles, and sister, Carolyn, and mom’s Grandma (my great-Grandma), Stella, with me on the beach.

Bottom row:
1) My mom, my cousin Debbie, and me on Easter Sunday.

2) My mom’s sister, Margie with my cousin Debbie and me on Easter Sunday.

3) Me and Santa.