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French’s Shoe And Boot Outlet: A Fun & Unique Place To Shop

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By Wendy

frenchs-shoe-boot-outlet-by-wendy.jpg What boot keeps feet toasty warm, made Oprah’s favorite things list for several years, and was on the Christmas list of many college and high school girls this year?

If you’ve answered UGGS, perhaps it is because you’ve tried on a pair of the sheep skin lined boots yourself.

Generally, there is only one thing that has scared me away from UGG boots — the price. At a starting price of over $100, I’ve never been able to convince myself that the boots are worth it.

I wasn’t able to convince myself of it until a friend of mine introduced me to French’s Shoe and Boot Outlet, a great place to score a fantastic deal on UGGS, as well as lots of other shoe and boot styles.

French’s has several locations in Middle Tenenssee. Their Franklin store is located at 328 5th Ave North in Franklin, TN 37064.
(615) 599-6965.

French’s is a Tennessee chain that sells boots and some clothing for fantastic deals.

What made me make my visit to French’s was to check out the UGGS, but anyone looking for amazing deals on work boots, cowboy boots, and equestrian wear will love browsing French’s for their deals.


French’s sells a combination of new, refurbished and slightly used factory returns.

It is not a fancy store at all — things are organized by size, and there are several pairs of damaged shoes and boots on the shelves. However, these are really marked down and any bad spots are pointed out clearly so you can tell if there is a problem ahead of time.

What’s So Special About French’s?

I talked to Earl and Kallan who were both working the day I visited with my kids. Earl pointed out that French’s is one of those places that customers come in and check each week to see what new great deals are in.

We get a shipment in once a week, and we don’t usually know what the shipment will include. The shipment is usually after Wednesday but not always. — Earl, French’s Shoe and Boot Outlet

Both Earl and Kallan pointed out that their biggest seller in the winter is the UGGS. “You should be here when the shipment comes in,” said Earl. “We open the boxes and set them down and women crowd around.”

It is easy to see why.

The pair of UGGS that I bought my daughter retails for over $100. I bought her pair, which were in great condition, for $35.

Prices on UGGS at French’s are between $29 and $59.

While I was in the store, the phone rang at least 6 times with people asking if they had gotten a new UGGS shipment in. I was impressed by how friendly and patient Earl and Kallan were as they explained they did not have the new shipment in.


Other Great Brands Sold At French’s

The store has lots of other great brands as well.

pink-brown-boots-by-wendy.jpg I stared at a beautiful pair of cowboy boots trying to figure out just how I could incorporate them into my wardrobe, simply because they were so cute and such a good deal. In the end, I passed — I just couldn’t find too many places to wear the pink and brown boots.

French’s usually has a deal running. The day I was there, the deal was if you bought 3 pairs of men and women’s shoes you got $5 off each one. They also had a good selection of Carhartt jackets that were all $10 off.

There is a good selection of kids shoes and boots. The day we were there, they had beautiful kids Justin cowboy boots for kids on sale. My 3-year-old insisted on trying on those (and several other pairs as well).

Kallan pointed out they also get many other designer brands in like Cole Haan and Coach. The day I was there, they had Dansko shoes and Crocs, although the deals on those brands were not as good as the UGGS and some of the other brands.

If you hit French’s on the right day, you might also be able to find a good pair of tennis shoes. They had some Nike and New Balance shoes when I was there. The prices were from around $15 to $30.

One of the biggest deals in the store was the English equestrian wear. There were whole shelves of beautiful equestrian boots that sold for $69 and under. Earl pointed out that those same boots retail at other places between $400 and $500.

French’s: A Unique Place To Shop

shoe-shopping-in-frenchs-franklin-by-wendy.jpg Because of such low prices, the store also gets some other unusual customers. Earl and Kallen pointed out that one man came in for Santa boots for his Santa costume this year.

At Halloween, they get many people in buying boots and shoes for their costumes.

French’s will ship, and you can return products for a full refund.

It’s a fun store to stop in and look for a bargain.

You many not find something when you go, but if you check back in, you probably will be taking home a new pair of shoes.