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I recently moved to the area and am on a fast track to getting to know my way around. I have 4 kids, so I will be writing a lot about family-friendly activities. I also network with several other mothers and am always looking for good ideas.

I had never been to Mickey Roos before, but I love barbeque so I was hoping for good things. I wasn't disappointed. Here's a review of the food, the prices, and how to save a few bucks the next time you go to Mickey Roo's!

French's Shoe and Boot Outlet in Franklin is a fun store to stop in and look for a bargain. You never know what will be on their next shipment, but you're sure to find great deals on UGGS boots, and other great brands like Carhart, Justin, Coach, Cole Hann, Crocs, Nike, and more!

It is rare to find Mexican food that I do not like, but I think there is a big difference between good Mexican food and great Mexican food. The main difference for me is the amount of flavors and the way the spices are used -- that the flavors don't all end up tasting the same. I recently went to Pueblo Real in Franklin. Here's my review.