Hustler Hollywood Brings Larry Flynt & Ron Jeremy To Town

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(Don’t worry, this post is rated G…)

The new Hustler Hollywood store downtown has created quite a stir in Nashville — a town that’s often referred to as “the buckle of the Bible belt”.

NewsChannel5 captured this picture of Nashville traffic in front of the new Hustler Hollywood store. I drive by Hustler Hollywood every day on my way home from work. I’m usually caught at the stoplight right in front of the place — me and about three thousand other drivers who are trying to merge onto I-40/I-65.

Such is why I can’t help but be intrigued by all the buzz about this place — I feel like I’ve experienced it firsthand on a daily basis. Especially with all the newspaper articles, local news reports, and billboards in the area.

This morning on 102.9 The Buzz, I heard an ad for the “official Grand Opening” of Hustler Hollywood on July 15th… and if I were going to be in town, I just might swing by — for the photo op alone.


Ron Jeremy, You’re My Man

You see, ever since I saw Ron Jeremy a few months ago on the WB’s The Surreal Life, I’ve kinda been a fan of his. (… for his amazing PERSONALITY!)

C’mon… this show was on NETWORK TELEVISION for gosh sakes… it wasn’t even PG-13!

He’s got a great personality, and an incredible sense of humor. Believe it or not, he’s very “down to earth”.
Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. Edible Underwear Maker”:


Hustler Hollywood’s Grand Opening In Nashville

If you’re in the area, and you’re interested in attending the Grand Opening of Hustler Hollywood, here’s the info:

  • WHEN: Friday, July 15, 2005 6pm to 8pm
  • WHERE: 14th Avenue North and Church Street just off Interstate 40 in Nashville
  • WHO’s THERE: Larry Flynt, Jessica Jaymes, Veronika Raquel, and Ron Jeremy
  • WHAT ELSE: after-party at the Red Iguana 9pm to ?