Cover Bands No More…

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I hate to say it, but I think I’ve become a “music snob” or something. What I mean is this… No longer am I content watching the typical cover bands that play in the bars these days. ESPECIALLY in the Nashville area.


Because we’re completely spoiled (musically speaking) simply by the fact that we live in “the music capitol of the world”! With all this great talent on every single corner of every single block… all original and unedited… why in the world would anyone ever choose to listen to a cover band instead of the “real thing”? Not me.

And we’re not just talking about Country music here… You can find good, original music of ALL genres played 24/7 in this town. We’re so lucky.

I have to admit it’s really hard when we’re out of town and we have no CHOICE but to watch a cover band perform others’ hit songs. While Jim and I will respectfully listen to other local bar bands… it’s just not the same.

If you, too, have a true appreciation for music, and you ever spend a night “bar hoppin” around here, then you’ll see what I mean.

Now, maybe if we liked to dance, then simply listening to a band play good dance tunes might be enjoyable. But we don’t dance. We just appreciate good music (…and usually today’s “dance” music ain’t it)!

Henry Murphy and the Seahawks - photo compliments of Tin Roof NOTE: This post was inspired by a recent visit to the Tin Roof in Nashville where a very popular cover band called “Henry & The Seahawks”was playing that night. In fact, they play there every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! … They were mildly fun to watch, but I just don’t get it… (Yep, they’re a cover band.)