Fun In The Neighborhood

An EAR For The ARTS At The Franklin Factory

Art from all mediums and genres will be displayed on March 20, 2008 from 6 – 10pm at the Franklin Factory. Proceeds from the art sales will be donated to The Minnie Pearl Scholarship program.

Nashville Star Open Auditions & Casting Call Info

Nashville Tennessee is one of 4 national casting calls for the Nashville Star competition. Which means the Open Call takes place on the first day and Callbacks occur on the second day. For Nashville, the dates are March 21 and 22. Here are all the Nashville Star audition dates, times & places…

Guy Candy

Taylor Robinson is the 2007 WRIF Rock Girl. She made an appearance at the IHRA drag racing events in Milan, Michigan. Taylor gave everyone a show climbing in and out of Terry McMillen’s race car.

Meet The Face Behind The Blog…

The Face Behind The Blog meme helps bloggers — and visitors to their sites — get to know one another a little better by showing recent photographs of the person behind the blog. Here’s my contribution. Enjoy.

15 Minutes of Fame In Nashville

Are you a singer-songwriter? Have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? Here’s information about how you can get your next big break. And, if you live in Nashville, it’s a fun thing to do as a spectator, too!

Good News About The Williamson County Fair!

They’ve announced that they’ve fixed a number of the ‘problems’ that crept into the past two year’s Williamson County Fairs. This year’s Fair looks like a sure hit. Two thumbs up!