MSU Bulldawgs vs My Dog Destin

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Last weekend we drove along the Natchez Trace from Nashville to Tupelo, Mississippi …in our Jeep… with the dog in the back. It was a (long!) beautiful trip.

Our destination: Starkville, Mississippi (pronounced “Starkvull”) to visit our friend Mike.

Jim driving the Jeep with our dog poking his head up into the front seat -- don't worry, he's seat-belted in, and this is as far as he can 'roam'. Mike driving his truck past the water tower in Starkville Mississippi near the Mississippi State University campus.

mississippi-state-bulldogs.jpg While we were there, we took a stroll on the Mississippi State campus (…a dog needs to stretch his paws after being cooped up in the back of a Jeep all day!)

Destin’s first find: This Bulldog statue…


While he wasn’t so sure what to think at first, it’s clear in the end that Destin knows who’s the fairest one of all!

Mississippi State bulldog facing right.

The Mississippi Bulldogs might own this town, but Destin the dumpster dog rules this tiny piece of turf.

Who's the fairest dog of them all?