The Frist Art Museum Has Lots Of Fun Stuff For Adults… And Kids!

The Frist Center in Nashville is not your typical art museum. Not only are there traditional visual arts galleries, but there are also hands-on family-friendly interactive areas that your kids will enjoy. Here’s what our recent trip to The Frist Center was like with two 9-year-old boys.


Videos + Review Of Sixth Avenue Skatepark In Nashville

Sixth Avenue Skatepark is located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. This skate park has both indoor and outdoor skating areas, but it’s best known for its indoor facility. If you have skateboard, scooter, or BMX enthusiasts then you’ll want to check out this skatepark!


Honeysuckle Hill Farm: 6 Things You Absolutely Must Do When You Go!

Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, Tennessee isn’t your average everyday farm. And it’s not a dairy farm. It’s an agricultural farm that specializes in educating children about all areas of farm life. A trip to Honeysuckle Hill Farm is filled with LOTS of good, clean fun for kids of all ages!


Thai Restaurant Review: Jasmine Thai Cuisine In Cool Springs

I love Thai food but I refuse to just blindly pick a Thai restaurant! I asked some of my friends who have lived in Nashville for quite awhile where I could go for awesome Thai food. Jasmine Thai in Cool Springs came highly recommended. Here’s my review.