Best Places To See Celebrities In Nashville

Living in Franklin, Tennessee, we see a good deal of celebrities whenever we’re out and about. Here are some of the best places where you are most likely to spot a celebrity in and around Nashville. (We’ve excluded all of the music venues and locations where Nashville celebrities are on hand for a specific function.)


Pancake Pantry Nashville: Add It To Your Bucket List!

The Pancake Pantry in Nashville was on my Bucket List for awhile. Now, I’ve been there several times. See why there’s always a line at the Pancake Pantry Nashville – which is one of the Top 3 Pancake Restaurants in America! By the way, there’s a Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg now too.

Our Photos Of Nashville Songwriters & Singers

Here’s a growing collection of photographs of singers and songwriters that we’ve crossed paths with in some musical setting — like at the Bluebird Cafe, or the Grand Ole Opry, or even at a Rock Concert! Some are up-and-comers….

Vince Gill Photos

Vince Gill is the “guy next door” around Nashville… He’s frequently spotted at hockey games, his daughter’s singing engagements, at the Grand Ole Opry, and more. Here’s a small collection of Vince Gill photographs taken in and around Nashville…