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I have watched rodeos on TV and have always been amazed at how those cowboys are able to stay on their crazy horses for so long. To see it in person at the Franklin Rodeo was even more astounding. My son and his friend had an especially good time at the Franklin Rodeo.

All the best places to go horseback riding in the Nashville area... from The Natchez Trace to Percy Warner Park and dozens of horse riding stables in between.

Here's our personal review of the Williamson County Fair in Franklin, Tennessee near Nashville -- the highlights, and the low-lights. Including photos of some celebrities like George Jones, Sheriff Ricky Headley, Taylor Ware, and Leah Hulan.


It is said that hundreds of out-of-town cowboys have made their way to Franklin, Tennessee for the annual Franklin Rodeo. Here's a humorous look at all the hype surrounding this event.