Shopping For Windows Or Doors In Nashville?… We Had The Best Experience With These 5 Companies

by Lynnette

Home Decorating And Remodeling

window-shopping.jpg When we were shopping for doors and windows while planning for our new log home, one of the biggest hurdles was finding the right windows and doors.

First of all, there are so many choices and styles to choose from (which, alone, wasn’t the most difficult part).

The worst part was finding reputable dealers to call me back with quotes.

I ended up contacting about a dozen different window & door companies — most in person; a few by telephone. Unfortunately, most simply would not get back to me with a quote. 

Following are the top 5 Nashville door & window companies that I’m most comfortable recommending…


Window & Door Companies I Contacted

These Nashville area window and door companies rank high based purely on their customer service (although each has great windows and doors as well):

#1 Central Woodwork – rep for various window & door companies

#2 Dale, Inc. – rep for Marvin windows & doors

#3 Home Depot – rep for Jeldwen doors & windows

#4 Nashville Sash & Door – rep for Andersen windows

#5 Great Homes Gallery – rep for Rogue Valley doors

Each of the above door & window companies got me quotes in the timeframe that they said they would.

Many others did not. I had to repeatedly phone the majority of the door & window companies on my list to see if they had a quote for me yet.


Why Central Woodwork Ranks #1

In my opinion, the absolute best place to get door and window quotes in the Nashville area is Central Woodwork. They have a big office, but a relatively small showroom not far from the 100 Oaks Mall.

Dale/Marvin ranks a very close second. They have an amazing showroom office in Franklin, near Cool Springs and another showroom in Nashville that I haven’t been to yet.


Here’s how things went for us at Central Woodwork in Nashville…

I went into their showroom on a Monday afternoon (a time when I figured most people would be at work).

It was a little disappointing that I had to sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes because there was another person ahead of me who was getting quotes on doors, and there’s only one rep who can get quotes for you. But I guess that just shows the popularity of this place, and how thorough they are when generating their quotes.

The moment I sat down with the sales rep, I was treated like a potential customer (not a number).

The girl had all of the resources she needed right at her fingertips in order to provide me with detailed quotes — on the spot. She didn’t rush me either; she was willing to give me all the time I needed to find the “right” doors for our log home. (There were literally dozens of door company catalogs to choose from.)

door-shopping-central-woodwork.jpg When I picked out a particular door that I wanted to receive a quote on, she punched in all the numbers and came up with a price. With a few (doors that they order from other places), she had to call them directly for a quote.

In the end, after about 45 minutes of picking out doors and waiting for her to punch in the numbers, I walked out of Central Woodwork a happy camper. I had received exactly what I’d gone in there to get… prices… quotes… estimates! Period.

For the record, obtaining a quote from the 4 other companies mentioned above required a 2- to 5-day wait. Typically, they will call you with the price. A few will fax the detailed specs and quote to you, if you request it. (That’s what Dale/Marvin did.)

See the doors we chose. For the windows, we opted for the slightly more expensive, high-quality Marvin windows.







Tips For Door & Window Shopping