Peyton From Tennessee On ‘The Bachelor’

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peyton-tennessee-bachelor.jpg Yep, there’s another Tennessee tie to a popular Reality TV show.

You may recall that Nashville’s own Sarah Stone won the heart of Travis Stork on “The Bachelor” last year.

On the first airing of “The Bachelor” (Season 10) tonight, Peyton Wright was one of the first to receive a rose from Andy Baldwin. While she currently resides in Dallas, Peyton hails from the great state of Tennessee!

And there’s an even more interesting tie, making Andy and Peyton “the perfect couple”…

Upon meeting — moments after Peyton first stepped out of the limo on “The Bachelor: An Officer And A Gentleman” — Andy commented about her Southern accent.

At which point, she proudly proclaimed that she’s from Tennessee. I’m pretty sure the city that flashed below her name on the TV screen was Kingston Springs (near Nashville). Or maybe it was Kingsport, TN. (near Johnson City & the Kentucky/Tennessee border) I’ll have to post an update later.

UPDATE: Peyton Wright is from Kingsport, Tennessee.

Later on, when Peyton and Andy were talking, she decided to drop the news that today was her birthday.

What a coincidence… It was Andy’s birthday, too!

So they already have some things in common… Doesn’t that just make them “the perfect couple”???

We’ll see where this leads, and if yet another Tennessee girl can steal the heart of the nation’s most eligible bachelor.


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