Welcome To The James Otto Show

by Lynnette

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James Otto -- a founding member of the Muzik Mafia. Tonight we went to see James Otto — along with Matt King (whom we’d seen before at The Bluebird with Vince Gill), Phillip Lammonds, and Shannon Lawson — at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.

It was only recently — through a very strange chain of events — that I even heard of James Otto and discovered his music. I’m only sorry that it took me this long.

This guy is a little rock, a little roll, and a lotta soul! As part of the Muzik Mafia, he’s placed under the “Country” genre, but he’s a whole lot more than your typical Country.

Have a listen…

James Otto’s Music

Since we haven’t been able to get our hands on one of his CDs yet, Jim and I find ourselves constantly reloading his MySpace page just to hear four full-length songs from his upcoming album. They are AWESOME!

His album is called The Otto Show, and it’s being produced by John Rich (of Big & Rich).

mm-logo.jpgTurns out, he’s one of the original members of the Muzik Mafia. It’s a GREAT story. (There are videos which explain the Muzik Mafia and its founding members… each video is amazing and FUN!)

James Otto is also featured in the sequel to Roadhouse (starring Patrick Swayzee) called Roadhouse 2: Last Call. It looks like he’s got 3 lines (but they’re good ones!), plus he & his band are playing behind the chicken wire in the club like the Jeff Healey Band did in the first movie, and he’s featured on most of the movie’s soundtrack!

If you can’t wait until the release of his newest CD, then check out, his first album, Days of our Lives.


Pictures From 3/29/06 Tin Pan South

Tin Pan South is a songwriters’ festival where over 250 different songwriters get together over the course of 5 nights and play 70 different shows in Nashville, Tennessee.

This was a very spontaneous night for us, as we had other plans, but switched them when we heard that James Otto was playing in town.

The only downside: I was so unprepared, I didn’t have my good camera on hand for the event. So, apologies in advance for the sub-par photos which follow. (Luckily I always keep my little point & shoot on me at all times!)

Matt King, Shannon Lawson, and Phillip Lammonds playing at the Mercy Lounge as part of Tin Pan South in Nashville. James Otto playing at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.James Otto, part of the Muzik Mafia, playing at Tin Pan South in Nashville.

The guys brought fellow singer-songwriter, Sarah Majors up on stage a few times to perform. She's quite an accomplished songwriter too!. A night shot of the Mercy Lounge & Bar in Nashville, Tennessee.

This was our first time at the Mercy Lounge.

And who wouldn’t love a place like this?…

On the menu: The Cordon Charkington Deluxe — fried SPAM topped with a slice of American cheese on white bread with tater tots. Mmmmm. I opted for the Sourdough Angus Burger, and Jim got the Dos Perros Chicken Tenders (battered with local Yazoo beer, served with a bourbon honey-mustard sauce). Mighty tasty!