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I’m On A Music High!

I just discovered SELAH, and I love their music! They’re a Christian music group that sings a lot of traditional hymns… with a unique “twist”. Plus they have a lot of their own original music too. It’s all awesome! (They’ve won 3 Dove awards, plus 3 other Dove nominations.)

I especially like their versions of “Power in the Blood” and “By and By”. They’re kind of Carribbean or African sounding…. with a really hip beat! Actually 2 of the 3 group members lived in the Congo for a spell when they were growing up, so they were influenced a bit by that music. It’s fun, Christian music… check it out! You can sample some of Selah’s other songs here.

Also bought the new CD called “The Passion of the Christ – Songs”. It’s a compilation of well-known singers from ALL genres that each wrote and recorded a song just for this project. We were most interested in it to hear Scott Stapp (from Creed) sing “Relearn Love”. It’s very good. There’s also a good Mercy Me/Steven Curtis Chapman/3rd Day song called “I See Love” that’s really good. Overall, I’d say that it’s a good Christian music cd, but not a great one… You can sample more of the music from the Passion of the Christ – Original Songs CD here.

Learn about my all-time favorite Christian Rock singer in the next entry…