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Glow Galaxy: Glow In The Dark Fun For Kids Birthday Parties & Open Play!

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By Bonnie

glow-galaxy-miniature-golf-entrance.jpg Glow Galaxy is a glow-in-the-dark play place hidden off Seaboard Lane, behind the Cool Springs YMCA.

We’ve been there twice now for birthday parties, and they sure are fun!

The birthday child gets a tie dyed shirt that really lights up in the black light, and all of the participants get a glowing bracelet.

After a few minutes of instructions and going over the rules, the kids are let loose in a glowing room with an outer space theme.

Play Room

The play room has:

  • 5 inflatables
  • miniature golf
  • football games
  • soccer games
  • basketball games
  • air hockey
  • InteractivePlay dance floor

interactive-dance-floor-glow-galaxy-franklin.jpg The interactive dance floor was a big hit with the preschoolers at this party.

It has the option to play games on it like Dodge Ball and Bug Invasion — all done with lights in the floor. Super fun!

NOTE: Socks are required to play at Glow Galaxy!

Party Room: Food Fun

After the play time, we all went into the party room for pizza, cake and presents.

aliens-galaxy-glow-franklin-tn.jpg The party room keeps with the space theme; there are aliens and comets painted on the wall.

The tables are arranged in a U-shape, so everyone can see what’s going on at the other side of the room.

The Glow Galaxy employees are right there to handle all of the details of the party. So parents can sit back and enjoy while the employees serve the food, cut the cake, lead in singing Happy Birthday, write down who gave the gifts that are opened, etc. They were completely on the ball.

basketball-hoops-game-glow-galaxy.jpg  galaxy-glow-miniature-golf-game-franklin-tn.jpg  soccer-game-at-glow-galaxy-franklin.jpg


Open Play Time

Glow Galaxy also offers open play times during the week for ages 12 and under.

The cost is $8 per child. Call to get exact days and hours.

Glow Galaxy
121 Seaboard Lane, Suite 8
Franklin, TN 37067