First Things First… A Funny Look At Our First Attempts At Everything Under The Sun

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the_big_appleJust for laughs…

Today I came across an old video that Jim and I did — and it made me laugh. We just looked so stupid.

Actually it was the very first video we ever created (with our new video camera), and it was simply a trial & error thing, but for some reason, we felt compelled to post it.

At the time, we were about to embark on a trip to Gatlinburg for the weekend… and we were eager to record everything with our brand new Canon digital video camera.

Trust me when you watch this (well, I don’t know… maybe only our close friends will “get it”), but I think it just goes to show how valuable unedited, first attempts and first impressions are — no matter WHAT the topic!

The fact of the matter is… when you’ve been writing (or blogging) almost daily for over 2 years like we have, there’s a good deal of stuff that you even forget you’ve written!

Such is the case with this collection of our “firsts”. (The ones we’ve chosen to share with everyone on the Internet, that is.)

After watching this video, I was reminded of how truly priceless it is watching someone experience something for the first time.

So I invite you to sit back & relax and enjoy a few laughs (or at least a chuckle)… at our expense!


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Stay tuned, more fun first to come!…