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Here's what you can expect to see when you go to the Franklin Dog Park -- also known as Maggie's Bark Park -- in Williamson County. Or, if you go to the Warner Dog Park -- part of the Percy Warner Parks system between Brentwood and Bellevue in Nashville. Lots of photos!

Are you prepared if your pet becomes sick or injured... and your vet's office is closed? Here's what you need to know about P.E.T.S... the Pet Emergency Treatment Service which is located in Brentwood, Tennessee near Cool Springs.

Ronnie the Collie' passed through Franklin Tennessee and shares these photos. If he's not famous yet, he sure will be. Ronnie's owner, Diana is certainly paving the way for Ronnie The Collie to have a prosperous life that's filled with fun and adventure! This is one of the most 'connected' dogs I've ever seen...


Following is a list of hotels in and around Nashville, Tennessee that allow pets. Most of these have no restrictions as to the size or breed. And only a few charge an additional fee for this pet-friendly option.

Check out these adorable Great Pyrenees/Black Lab puppies that are happy and healthy from a 6 week old litter in Columbia, Tennessee. This is how we chose our new puppy, Tenor.