Photos Of Shawn Mullins At 3rd & Lindsley

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One of our annual traditions is to go to 3rd & Lindsley to see Shawn Mullins each year.

He lives in the Atlanta area, but Shawn has remained loyal to his Music City, Tennessee fans. For the past several years, he and a small posse travel via RV to play a couple of sets at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville. I believe they air his concert “live” that night on Lightning 100.

Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw a guy wearing at 3rd & Lindsley on this particular night. It read: “Nashville is the new L.A.” …Which is similar to a line in Shawn’s song, Lullaby: “It’s kind of like Nashville with a tan.”

It seems like each and every day Jim and I are always finding new reasons to love Nashville… oh but that’s another story for another day.

You want to see some Shawn Mullins photos from 3rd & Lindsley… Right?


Here’s a teaser…

I thought this was a sweet shot, taken before the show — just a water bottle and Shawn’s songlist for the night. The clincher was when I managed to capture Shawn leaving the stage with the necessities: cold water and a dry towel!

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…Apparently Shawn’s only dressing room requests are a bottle of water, a towel, a kapo, and his song list for the night.

Okay, here we go…

Somehow, we always manage to score a seat front & center — despite the fact that the place is usually standing room only whenever Shawn’s in town.

These shots were taken from our seats at the bar:

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