Honeysuckle Hill Farm: 6 Things You Absolutely Must Do When You Go!

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Tractor_Tire_PlaygroundWhen I was asked to go to Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, Tennessee I must admit my initial response was, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

I have been to a couple of different farms before and my attitude was:  Been there, done that not. I’m not really interested in another farm!

My husband’s family (in Michigan) owned a dairy farm and we’ve gotten the backstage tour several times. Dairy farms are full of dairy cows, and where there are lots of cows there is also a lot of well, you know… stinky stuff!  They also own a lot of farm land, and we’ve seen them grow & harvest all sorts of different crops.

I totally appreciate farmers and farm life, but I just didn’t want to go on a field trip to a farm.

Friends and co-workers assured me that I would not be disappointed. So I went.

I’m so glad I did!


First Impressions

It was a long drive from Nashville and some of the roads were mighty narrow, but we made it there (and back) in one piece.

I knew from the moment I stepped off the bus that I’d be eating my words.

This farm looked awesome. A cool playground greeted us right at the entrance!

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is NOT a dairy farm (whew). It’s an agricultural farm that specializes in educating children about all areas of farm life.

The big difference here is that it is good, clean (yep, a clean farm) FUN.


6 Things That Shouldn’t Be Missed

There are 75 different rides and attractions at Honeysuckle Hill Farm on 34 acres.

Here are 6 things I highly recommend adding to your must-do list:


#1 The Learning Barn


It is so awesome. It’s used during school tours and teaches information that complements current school curriculum.

On the day of our tour, the learning barn was educating children on the importance of honey bees. The curriculum was fun, entertaining, and let me just say… yummy!

Our teacher that day gave an illustration using a Fun Dip. She licked the Fun Dip stick (representing the bee) then stuck it in the “sugar” pouch (representing pollen) thus showing how pollen sticks to a bee’s body.

She then showed the kids how a honeybee goes from place to place leaving a little pollen behind. (She licked a little off with each stop.) I thought it was a great illustration, and the kids loved it!


#2 Kiddie Corn Maze


I have been to one other corn maze in my life and it wasn’t anything exciting or academic. Honeysuckle Hill Farm offers a kiddie corn maze that is both entertaining and educational.

Each child gets a clue book. Then they enter the corn maze in search of who “stole farmer Joe’s apple pie.”

Not only do kids have to navigate their way through the maze, but they have to find “stations” that will host a different animal and a stamp of that animal’s paw print.

After the kids find all the stations and stamp all the prints (except one of course) they bring their map back to the beginning. There they find out who stole the pie (the animal that didn’t have a station/stamp).

It’s really cute and very educational – a corn maze with a purpose!


#3 The Corn Popper


What could be more fun than a giant (floor) bounce area?

That’s what Honeysuckle Hill Farm has and they call it the Corn Popper.

It’s a fun time for children and adults (if they dare).

What you are is a piece of uncooked popcorn, and you hop around (like you’re in a hot pan) until you pop.

The kids have to remove their shoes to enjoy this jumping area. (It’s similar to a bounce house but it doesn’t have any walls — it’s all open.)


#4 Hay Rides


Our hayride would have been a true hayride had the hay not been ruined the night before by rain, leaving us hay-less.

We did still get to ride in the big (I mean BIG) steel cart pulled by a tractor.

It was a relaxing part of the day and a good chance for us to see the foliage around the farm and the gigantic 10-acre corn maze. (The corn maze is open during regular hours, not during school tours.)

This large corn maze is specially cut. It’s “a tribute to the  men and women of the 101 Airborne who have recently come home from serving our country.”

That is a really big corn maze!


#5 The Chicken Show


This is the part of the farm that held of all the farm animals (fake and real) for everyone to see.

It is set up in a big circle and you walk from pen to pen. At each pen there are educational facts about each animal (the real animals). There were pigs, chickens, donkeys, rams, and other friendly farm critters.

There was also a barn near the real chickens that housed some animated chickens. These animated chickens (when the button is pressed by an adult) would come alive and start talking, singing, and telling chicken jokes. They were really funny.

There was also a milking parlor with fake cows. Visitors could sit and simulate milking these cows. It was very realistic.


#6 Pedal Cart Track


One of the things the kids enjoyed most was the pedal cart track! (Who wouldn’t enjoy pedaling souped up trikes and four wheelers?)

The kids had a blast racing each other around the circular track.

This area is supervised by employees and has some large rubber tires (on the interior of the track), so the kids can’t cheat and cross the track in the middle.

Too bad they didn’t have some pedal carts for the adults!


Honeysuckle HIll Farm

We didn’t get to see and do everything that Honeysuckle Hill Farms has to offer, but that leaves plenty of activities for our next visit.

Here is a map to show you all of the fun things they offer during normal operating hours (which may be different from school tours).

They have different events for different seasons during the year, so check the Honeysuckle Hill Farm website regularly.




Worth Noting:

  • There is a covered pavilion on-site, so you can bring your own food.
  • A snack bar is also on the premises.
  • Restrooms are readily available.
  • You can purchase tickets for Honeysuckle Hill Farm online.
  • Keep in mind that this farm has honeybee hives, and bees will be in the area (for those with bee allergies).


Honeysuckle Hill Farm

1765 Martins Chapel Church Road

Springfield, Tennessee 37172

(615) 382-7593