Dee Snider, Lead Singer Of Twisted Sister, Rocks The Country Music Industry

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Is Country music ready for Dee Snider?

Is Dee Snider ready for Country music?

Those are the questions everyone is asking after the taping of CMT’s newest reality TV show called “Gone Country”.

No matter the genre, I say Dee Snider is still making great music these days

and he still puts on quite a show on stage!

When I heard that Dee Snider the lead singer of Twisted Sister was going to be at the Wildhorse Saloon for the taping of “Gone Country”, the first thing that came to mind was another Reality TV show I recently saw him on.

I can’t recall which one it was. (It appears that there were many.)

I simply remember his wife and daughter being featured on the show. And I remember thinking how great he was as a dad. And he seemed like a pretty down-to-earth human being. (Okay, call me sappy…)

It was a show similar to Hogan Knows Best (on VH1) and Gene Simmons Family Jewels (on A&E). Heck, for that matter, even Breaking Bonaduce (on VH1).


Anyhoo… I find it mildly entertaining and somewhat interesting when superstar celebs give us a behind-the-scenes look at themselves — and their families. I realize that things on reality TV shows are not always as they appear (thanks to editing), but still… I enjoy the glimpse into their “real” lives. And I appreciate the fresh perspective.


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P.S. Yes… in addition to the song he co-wrote with Nashville songwriters for CMT’s “Gone Country”, Dee Snider also performed his 80’s classic hit “We’re Not Going To Take It”. He did a great job of getting the crowd into it. And a good time was had by all.

Dee Snider now hosts a weekly syndicated radio show and does voice over work. Past clients include Sony and the New York Lottery, he recently made the news in this capacity as he has now become “The Official Voice of MSNBC”. Source: Whatever Happened To?…


Check out some videos of Dee Snider performing


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