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Funny stories about different pieces of girls jewelry... from toe rings, to earrings, and even fidget rings!

Yesterday afternoon I was interviewed by Bob Goldsholl from Bloomberg Radio in New York City, and our conversation was taped to air this coming Saturday.

I hate to say it, but I think I've become a "music snob" or something. What I mean is this... No longer am I content watching the typical cover bands that play in the bars these days. ESPECIALLY in the...

DRIVING ODDITY #2: You Never Know Who You're Going To Pass On The Way To Work On my morning commute to work today, I noticed something very unusual......

I just discovered SELAH, and I love their music! They're a Christian music group that sings a lot of traditional hymns... with a unique "twist". Plus they have a lot of their own original music too. It's all awesome!...

Our four wheel drive site finally broke the Top 50 in terms of's most popular and most profitable websites -- out of nearly 500 websites.

One of the first jobs I sought out after working the majority of my years in higher education was: to work in a vet's office! It had always been a dream of mine. I'm an animal lover, and a lifelong dog owner. I also like to see firsthand and learn for myself what goes on behind the scenes whenever I possibly can. This job working at the local vet was perfect! I had a blast. And I learned so much.

Reasons to comment on someone's website... The value of leaving comments on blogs and personal web sites.

Here's a little about our holiday traditions, including decorating for Christmas, holiday travel, and some of our favorite board games to play with friends and relatives.