Hi-Way 50 Drive-In Movie Theater In Lewisburg, Tennessee: A Review

The Hi-Way 50 Drive-In in Lewisburg, Tennessee is a single screen drive in theater that first opened in 1946. Jim and I went for the first time last night. We saw Spiderman 3 and Vacancy. At the Hiway 50 Drive-In, you always get a double feature for just $7 per person. You've gotta love that! Here's our review of the Hiway 50 Drive-In movie theater... … [Read more...]

Looking For Ghosts & Haunted Places In Tennessee?


If you're in the Franklin/Nashville area, I'd encourage you to take one of these walking tours. Some are conducted year-round. Others take place only during the Halloween season. ...See how scared you get as part of a small group of people walking the streets at night while hearing about dozens of "well-documented" stories about local ghosts & hauntings! If you're looking for a LIST of haunted places in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee, then check this … [Read more...]

Fainting Goats At The Lewisburg Fainting Goat Festival

We went to the Fainting Goat Festival in Lewisburg, Tennessee a couple years ago. Surprisingly, we didn't see many goats actually fainting there though. The reason?... It was set up more like a petting zoo, and there were signs posted everywhere like: "Shhh...do not startle the goats!" With the 3nd Annual Fainting Goat Festival approaching (October 7th & 8th), I took some time to learn more about the unique qualities of Fainting Goats. … [Read more...]