Adorable Black Lab/Great Pyrenees Puppies (aka How We Chose Our Dog Tenor)

Tenor's first visit to the vet. At 8 weeks of age, he's 12lbs!**NOTE: All puppies have been spoken for.**

If you’re looking for a FREE puppy that’s happy and healthy and just now ready for a new home at 8 weeks of age… check out the Franklin/Columbia “Freecycle” group!

That’s where we got our new puppy just three days ago.

Beverly, the dog’s owner, said there were 10 in the litter, and there are 5 still available.

We took our puppy from this litter to the vet yesterday and he checked out just fine with a clean bill of health!

Meet The Parents

The mother is part Great Pyrenees, part Golden Retriever.

The father is a Black Lab (…an escape artist from the neighbor’s fenced-in yard).

This is the 2nd (and final) litter from these parents:


It’s easier to see the mother with her many pups, who were still nursing at the time we first saw the puppies at about 6 weeks of age.


This is “Socks”… one of the male pups from this mama’s first litter. He’s now a year old — Tenor’s “older brother” so to speak.


A litter of Black Lab/Great Pyrenees puppies checking out the neighbor's dog.

Which Puppies Are Still Needing Homes?

Three days ago, when we took our puppy home, there were 5 puppies still available — including one male with white paws (like the one we got) and “the runt of the litter” who is a spunky little girl with attitude.


This runt of the litter showed a lot of personality when we were there! The same mail puppy with 4 white paws showing some brotherly love. The runt of the litter... a feisty little girl.

Black puppy with four white paws... a male.

Trust me, they are ALL adorable… we had a very hard time choosing just one. (I’m always a sucker for the underdog, and wanted to take the runt of the litter home.)

Here are more puppy photos of Tenor, plus how we chose his name.

For updates on Tenor (and our other dogs), go to our other website: The Fun Times Guide To Dogs!


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  • Ellie

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! those pics are so cute! I really want a black lab and great pyrenees mix! Can you reply if you know any breeders, how much they shed or how big they get! :)

    • Kera

      I just came across your comment and wanted to tell you that I sell Labrenees!! That is the name of the hybrid cross for Great Pyrenees/Labrador Retriever. Our puppies have the black lab for their mother and dad is the beautiful Great Pyrenees. They are both purebred, papered and have excellent bloodlines. All the puppies are short haired so they don’t shed more than a typical lab, but they have the wonderful, calm temperament of the Pyrenees. They are BEAUTIFUL!! They will be between 70-90 lbs as adults. If you’d like more info or are curious about one of our pups, contact me!! or 801-857-5182. Our puppies can be shipped anywhere in the states or canada.

  • Ali

    I too just came across this. I have 2 Labrenees, a male (my 2 yr old named Superhero, shortened to Hero)& female (Gracie). ( also, Who knew that’s what ya call em,LOL, I thought my dogs were just a mix) A brother & sister from the same litter. Ours were “mistakes” the neighbors Lab came a visiting my sisters friends house who had a Pyrenees momma. They both shed like theres no tomorrow. We have literally an inch of hair on our basement steps, EACH ONE, every day that needs to be swept, every day. My dogs are 6 years old now, so it’s not like anything may change either. As for temperments, they are night and day. My male is anti-social at first. He’s prone to snapping first and getting to know people later, my female will love anyone anywhere but shes standoffish to females, including me. They’re also prone to barking, even at us! The female will start when we pull up in the drive and the male will follow her lead. I guess they’re like people, each one has it’s own personality, even so I’d not give em up for anything =)